Sure, socks help save moment of memory that warm the heart, heals the soul, brings happiness.

Why do you buy gifts? So that someone you care about knows you care, that you appreciate them.

Well, socks are memories or a token of a great memory. Why did you buy Uncle Ralph those Fish socks?

Because he loves to fish, and that last big one was a beauty. That is a special memory for Uncle Ralph. Every time he puts those socks that you gave him on, he remembers that great memory. That you cared enough to give him those socks with that memory flag.

You gave Aunt June those Christmas Cookie socks, because she bakes during the Holidays and makes the best Christmas cookies.
Eat bite of her cookies tastes like coming home. So giving her those Christmas Cookie Socks, reminds her of all the love she
puts into her special Christmas Cookies. It gives her a warm cuddly feeling and that you thought of her by getting her those Special Christmas Cookie Socks.
Another memory saved.

Why did you buy those cat socks? Especially the ones with the black cats? Because they remind you of your special fur baby that happens to be a black cat. So when you wear your cat socks, you think of your special fur baby.
Wow, guess we have a theme going here.

Socks are Memory Flags. So go check out some of our socks and find some special socks for the ones you love.

Happy Holidays