Say What???

We live in a detail-oriented age.
The variety of accessories and possible alterations you can make to an outfit are at an all-time high.
With everyone looking for a way to be an individual and make their style pop,
a new piece of flair has caught the eye of both casual and formal-wear fans in a big way.
Let’s take a look down and talk about socks!

Socks are becoming more popular and with good reason.
The best way to grab attention on a piece of your outfit is to have something that catches the eye without it yelling “Hey, look at me!”
Many Men wear some form of dress pants and a button-up to work on a daily basis,
finding a pair of socks to complement your look can make an outfit look fresh and exciting.
That’s what’s so appealing about socks as a fashion statement, their versatility, and simplicity to apply.
Let’s not forget that, particularly with dress pants,
your socks will peek through and will show a majority of the time.

Along with being an attention-grabbing piece by themselves, socks can be used in a complementary capacity as well.
They serve as a garnish to the perfect entree, the lemon wedge or olive skewer on your cocktail.
Let’s say you have a watch that you want to show off, and the face is a distinct color.
If you have a pair of socks matching that color, you immediately have eyes checking both levels of your attire without one stealing the show.
Everything has a spot to shine, and now you’re looking more organized and stylish.

Bang for Your Buck
Unlike a lot of high-quality shirts or accessories, the pricing of socks is pretty modest.
They can be great gift ideas (to either give or receive), and you get some mileage out of them.
I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s done a complete 180 regarding how I felt getting clothes around the holidays or on my birthday.
As a child, it was usually “Oh…clothes.” But as an adult, getting a new article to show off and match with my repertoire is exciting and practical.

Socks are the only piece of clothing that are what we call “Resolution-proof.”
We’ve all tried on a shirt we haven’t worn in a while to, unfortunately, realize that it just doesn’t look like it used to.
With socks, you don’t have to worry about that.
Once your feet reach a certain size, you’re set for life on the size that you buy.
There’s no stress in buying socks and no second-guessing. If they work, they work.
Keep these benefits in mind as you start to grow your collection, keeping your outfits fresh and adding that ounce of pizzazz to any look.
Be confident in trying new colors and styles to go with that new watch, a shirt, or even the color of your hair.

Find some new bright colors to wear to work.
See if your favorite brand has a unique style with their logo on it.
Find some with a pop culture reference for a themed party you’re attending.
Show off some seasonal flair as the snow starts to melt or the leaves start to fall.
Be different, be stylish, and be classy Gentleman.