Face Masks/Covers Non-Medical & Neck Gaiters

We here at Whimzical Appeal try to keep up with the times.

At first the thought of selling face masks for profit, did not sit well with us.

We did not want to profit over covid-19, but in hindsight,

it looks like wearing masks will be a part of our daily living for a while.

Some of our vendors have offered their products.

So with that said, the following items will be available shortly….within the next few days.

We try to keep our prices reasonable for our loyal customers. 

So look under Accessories: Other

Neck Gaiters will be available in the end of the week.

Stay safe.

Whimzical Appeal wearing Face Mask

Whimzical Appeal wearing Face Mask


Whimzical Appeal Adopts-A-Spot

We hope everyone is staying safe in these trying times.

Whimzical Appeal takes conservation seriously,

so much that we decided to Adopt-A-Spot here in Virginia Beach, Va.

Before the Cona-Virus hit we spent 2 days cleaning the spot we took on.

It’s the Mt Trashmore Fishing Inlet, part of Mt Trashmore Park, located in Virginia Beach Va.

It accumulates tons of trash on a daily basis, and its a quiet place to fish or sit and just enjoy being outdoors.

One person can make a difference. What are you doing to make a better difference in the World?

Stay Safe and take Care.



What is Moisture Wicking in Socks

All About Moisture Wicking

The term “moisture wicking” has become popular among clothing brands in recent years, and it’s an important development in the sock world, but what exactly does it mean?

Fibers that “wick” moisture away basically absorb sweat from the surface of your skin and release it to the air, where it evaporates. This process keeps you cool in warm weather and prevents you from having soaked socks, which can cause a bad odor, bacteria growth and even problems like foot rot.

Hikers, runners and other athletes who are hard on their feet benefit especially from moisture wicking socks, but they can really be a big advantage for anyone who values comfort.

The best fibers for moisture wicking include Merino wool, polyester and Olefin, and most of today’s most advanced socks use blends of these for maximum comfort and performance.

Gents Prefer Socks

Say What???

We live in a detail-oriented age.
The variety of accessories and possible alterations you can make to an outfit are at an all-time high.
With everyone looking for a way to be an individual and make their style pop,
a new piece of flair has caught the eye of both casual and formal-wear fans in a big way.
Let’s take a look down and talk about socks!

Socks are becoming more popular and with good reason.
The best way to grab attention on a piece of your outfit is to have something that catches the eye without it yelling “Hey, look at me!”
Many Men wear some form of dress pants and a button-up to work on a daily basis,
finding a pair of socks to complement your look can make an outfit look fresh and exciting.
That’s what’s so appealing about socks as a fashion statement, their versatility, and simplicity to apply.
Let’s not forget that, particularly with dress pants,
your socks will peek through and will show a majority of the time.

Along with being an attention-grabbing piece by themselves, socks can be used in a complementary capacity as well.
They serve as a garnish to the perfect entree, the lemon wedge or olive skewer on your cocktail.
Let’s say you have a watch that you want to show off, and the face is a distinct color.
If you have a pair of socks matching that color, you immediately have eyes checking both levels of your attire without one stealing the show.
Everything has a spot to shine, and now you’re looking more organized and stylish.

Bang for Your Buck
Unlike a lot of high-quality shirts or accessories, the pricing of socks is pretty modest.
They can be great gift ideas (to either give or receive), and you get some mileage out of them.
I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s done a complete 180 regarding how I felt getting clothes around the holidays or on my birthday.
As a child, it was usually “Oh…clothes.” But as an adult, getting a new article to show off and match with my repertoire is exciting and practical.

Socks are the only piece of clothing that are what we call “Resolution-proof.”
We’ve all tried on a shirt we haven’t worn in a while to, unfortunately, realize that it just doesn’t look like it used to.
With socks, you don’t have to worry about that.
Once your feet reach a certain size, you’re set for life on the size that you buy.
There’s no stress in buying socks and no second-guessing. If they work, they work.
Keep these benefits in mind as you start to grow your collection, keeping your outfits fresh and adding that ounce of pizzazz to any look.
Be confident in trying new colors and styles to go with that new watch, a shirt, or even the color of your hair.

Find some new bright colors to wear to work.
See if your favorite brand has a unique style with their logo on it.
Find some with a pop culture reference for a themed party you’re attending.
Show off some seasonal flair as the snow starts to melt or the leaves start to fall.
Be different, be stylish, and be classy Gentleman.

Terms in Sock Speak

Crew socks are short, thick everyday socks usually ribbed at the top of the ankles.
They can be used in a way to warm legs.
The first familiar practice of crew sock was in 1948. 
What is the difference between Ankle Socks and Crew Socks?
Two common types of socks are ankle socks and crew socks.
Both types are made from the same materials and both are designed to wear with shoes.
The main difference between ankle and crew socks are the height of the socks.
The other difference between them is the reasons people choose for wearing them.
Trouser socks/tall socks/mid-calf socks:
Trouser socks tend to be a bit higher than your average crew sock,
but they don’t completely cover the calf.
They’re common in the office and for slightly more formal occasions.
Both men and women wear mid-calf socks, which usually feature a thinner fabric.
Socks that end midway between the ankle and the knee are called “mid-calf” socks.
If they’re ribbed above the ankle, they’re called “crew” socks.
Are Tube socks the same as Crew socks?
Tube socks are straight. 
Crew socks are shaped like a foot. They have a heel formed into them.
What’s the purpose of socks?
Most time we wear socks to keep our feet warm or as a fun fashion statement.
Wearing socks can prevent foot health issues from forming.
Along with your hands and armpits,
your feet is one of the areas of your body that sweat the most.
It is imperative that you keep your feet dry to prevent the growth of bacteria.
What is the difference between Low Cut and No Show socks?
The size if no show socks is generally just a bit smaller than the shoe you are wearing,
so the hem-line of the socks is below the edge of the shoe,
so they the cannot be seen from outside.
Low rise socks just reach from toe to more or less the ankle region.
What are Foot Liners used for?
Sock liners are mainly used when hiking or doing other outdoor activities to prevent getting blisters.
The way the sock liner works is it helps wick moister away from your feet which helps keep it dry.
What are Boot Socks?
Boot socks are a type of sock wearable for wearing with boots.
Typically made from a knitted material, popular styles of knit currently are the cable and fair isle knit.
Boot socks provide additional comfort and warmth in colder weather.
Boots are often worn by both genders,
with military boots, brogue boots and hiking boots all being popular styles to pair with boot socks.
Boot socks vary in lengths, ranging from normal sized socks to knee high length socks.
What are trouser socks?
Trouser socks are typically a thinner knee high sock,
perfect for wearing with dress shoes or with more traditional office attire.
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Socks make great gifts as Memory Savers


Sure, socks help save moment of memory that warm the heart, heals the soul, brings happiness.

Why do you buy gifts? So that someone you care about knows you care, that you appreciate them.

Well, socks are memories or a token of a great memory. Why did you buy Uncle Ralph those Fish socks?

Because he loves to fish, and that last big one was a beauty. That is a special memory for Uncle Ralph. Every time he puts those socks that you gave him on, he remembers that great memory. That you cared enough to give him those socks with that memory flag.

You gave Aunt June those Christmas Cookie socks, because she bakes during the Holidays and makes the best Christmas cookies.
Eat bite of her cookies tastes like coming home. So giving her those Christmas Cookie Socks, reminds her of all the love she
puts into her special Christmas Cookies. It gives her a warm cuddly feeling and that you thought of her by getting her those Special Christmas Cookie Socks.
Another memory saved.

Why did you buy those cat socks? Especially the ones with the black cats? Because they remind you of your special fur baby that happens to be a black cat. So when you wear your cat socks, you think of your special fur baby.
Wow, guess we have a theme going here.

Socks are Memory Flags. So go check out some of our socks and find some special socks for the ones you love.

Happy Holidays