706, 2020

Face Masks/Covers Non-Medical & Neck Gaiters

We here at Whimzical Appeal try to keep up with the times. At first the thought of selling face masks for profit, did not sit well with us. We did not want to profit over covid-19, but in hindsight, it looks like wearing masks will be a part of our daily READ MORE

907, 2019

What is Moisture Wicking in Socks

All About Moisture Wicking The term “moisture wicking” has become popular among clothing brands in recent years, and it’s an important development in the sock world, but what exactly does it mean? Fibers that “wick” moisture away basically absorb sweat from the surface of your skin and release it to READ MORE

2906, 2019

Gents Prefer Socks

Say What??? We live in a detail-oriented age. The variety of accessories and possible alterations you can make to an outfit are at an all-time high. With everyone looking for a way to be an individual and make their style pop, a new piece of flair has caught the eye READ MORE

2006, 2019

Terms in Sock Speak

What does Crew mean in socks? Crew socks are short, thick everyday socks usually ribbed at the top of the ankles. They can be used in a way to warm legs. The first familiar practice of crew sock was in 1948.  ~ What is the difference between Ankle Socks and Crew Socks? Two common types READ MORE

2011, 2018

Socks make great gifts as Memory Savers

What? Sure, socks help save moment of memory that warm the heart, heals the soul, brings happiness. Why do you buy gifts? So that someone you care about knows you care, that you appreciate them. Well, socks are memories or a token of a great memory. Why did you buy READ MORE


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