A Little something about our distributors…

Sock it To Me:

Be Awesome Wear Awesome. Do you know they have a sock contest every year?
Yep you can enter your drawing for a new sock design and everyone votes on it, the winners get their sock made up as a  design,

How Kewl is that???? They carry a HUGE variety that they make just for you, their customers.

Fun designs, Wide Calf Knee High Socks, Crew socks, and so much more



Another unique distributor, do you know they contribute a portion of their sock sales to Doctors without borders?
For their accessory tote line they donate to the green conservation initiative..

Their socks and stuff are so funky and fun, how can you not fall in love with their products???

Just a couple of our distributors we buy from..more coming about some of the others.

We love our socks and hope you do too!

Happy Fall,


September Specials at Whimzical Appeal Socks

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Thanks to 119 Design, Jeff Balance, Whimzical Appeal has a brand new website.

It’s Awesome, We are still loading our variety of socks and accessories.

In the Mean Time check out our No Show Sock Sale.

Thanks and Have a Great Day