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Do You Love to find bargains? We Carry Books, Comics, Game Guides, Hosiery, Plus Size too, Lingerie, Collectibles, Neat Stuff & Treasures. Check in regularly, We always have Specials and New Stuff. We love our Customers!

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*119 Design – All in One Design Studio

Jeff is just awesome, a very talented Painter, and Graphic/Web Designer. You want something special, he does it for you!

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*Butterfly Society of Virginia

The Society became more fully digitized in Fall 2011, when it went on Facebook and Twitter. It further was hurtled into the electronic age in Winter 2014 when for the first time ever, credit cards were accepted for Society purchases. The Society will continue striving to expand on our goals of butterfly education, conservation, gardening and volunteering. Yearly butterfly events and plant sales continue to be in planning such as the early spring sale at the Francis Land House, in progress since 2012, as well as other educational programs and activities. There is much to look forward to for the many adults and children who have enjoyed and benefited from the activities of the Butterfly Society of Virginia.

Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center

The friends of Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center (formerly the Friends of Virginia Beach Animal Control) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit volunteer organization that is dedicated to helping the animals who find themselves in the care of Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center (the City of Virginia Beach municipal shelter). Our goal is to save the lives of all adoptable and treatable animals housed in the shelter. We count on the support of our community to help these animals by purchasing needed supplies, by covering veterinary expenses for sick/injured animals, and by advertising to help get the animals adopted. All donations are tax deductible and go directly to help the animals.

Pet Guardian Pet Service Inc

My heart was on fire to change lives for so many animals in Crisis, The lost, hungry, scared, orphaned, neglected and hopeless. Our Mission is to help animals with compassion and humane treatment for lives in need. My vision was to provide a safe place for animals. We were blessed when friends offered to be guardians and care for animals in their homes. We built a rescue cottage, we have rescued ,re-homed and assisted over 2500 animals including non social and special needs pets.

The Wildlife Center of Virginia

The Wildlife Center of Virginia was formed in 1982 to provide quality health care, often on an emergency basis, to native wildlife. The Center operates out of a 5700 square-foot building, built in 1995. This structure includes the veterinary clinic, diagnostics laboratory, operating suite, and radiology room, as well as offices for administration and outreach staff. The Center also has an array of outdoor facilities for non-releasable education animals as well as recovering patients, including large flight pens, a bear enclosure, an aviary, deer fawn pens, and more. Donations Welcome

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